Norwegian food & beverages Co., Ltd.  provide the best and most exclusive of  clean and organic produces from Norway.
We are proud to be exclusive agent of the award winning Edel apple cider from Hardanger Norway to Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and China.

We do both wholesale and retail. For wholesale please Contact us for quotations.  
Norway and the Hardanger area is world famous for its beautiful nature, clean air & water, and a climate that is perfect for growing the best apples for cider production. Hardanger Cider is a  trademark for the world’s best apple ciders.

Edel cider from Akre in Hardanger has won number of national and international awards for their apple ciders, so we are very happy to be allowed to provide 4 of their ciders to the Asian market.
The ciders is very exclusive and only produced in small batches of 1000 l  from freshly pressed apple juice from organic apples grown on their own orchard. 
Because of the unique climate in this area and the good location of the farm, the apples grown here is extra suited for apple cider. The apples produce a fresh, acidic and well balanced cider.
It takes 7.3 kg apples to produce 1 liter of Cider. The Edel Apple Cider is produced from a blend of Aroma, Gravenstein and Discovery. The different apple sorts are pressed and fermented separately, and then blended together to create a perfect apple cider when bottled.    

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