Åkre Gard Edel Cider

  • ABV:  6,5%
  • Acidity: 7,3 gram per liter
  • Sugar: 15,2 gram per liter
  • Available in both 75cl and 33cl


Aroma: Fruity with a hing of apple, blossom and herbs. Colour: Middle deep golden yellow color. Producer: Akre Gard


 Edel apple cider is produced by 100% freshly pressed apple juice. No water is added during production. It takes 7.3 kg apples to produce 1 liter of Cider. The Edel Apple Cider is produced from a blend of Aroma, Gravenstein and Discovery. The different apple sorts are pressed and fermented separately, and then blended together to create a perfect apple cider when bottled. The standard Edel apple cider contains 6.5% alcohol and is produced in small batches.

Retail Price:  308 HKD (75 cl),  168 HKD (33 cl) For limited time get 10% discount when buying 1 bottle and 20% discount when buying 2 or more bottles If you want to buy directly from us or for wholesale price, please contact us


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