ice cider

Ice Cider

    • ABV:  10%
    • Acidity: 10 gram per liter
    • Sugar: 215 gram per liter


Aroma: Consentrated apple fresh fruit taste. Long finish.

Colour: Dark brown copper Producer: Akre Gard The Edel Ice cider is a dessert apple cider. The fresh apple juice is frozen, and when it melts the flavored fruit juice will melt before the water which will create a concentrated apple juice. Using this method to concentrate the juice, the nutrient will be as good as in freshly pressed juice and all the apple flavors will be concentrated. The Edel Ice is a non-carbonated desert wine with 10% alcohol and have a perfect balance of sweet and sour. The Edel Ice cider won silver medal at the 2018 Cider World in Frankfurt. Retail price: 498 HKD For limited time get 10% discount when buying 1 bottle and 20% discount when buying 2 or more bottles. For wholesale price or if you would like to buy directly from us, please contact us


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